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Lean Software Development

The Agile software development is the evolution of Lean principles applied to the software development lifecycle. It attempts to solve the most common problems in software development, such as changing requirements, tight schedules and inadequate testing by promoting the idea of small and frequent releases. Smaller release cycles give us less complexity in the code, leading to a smaller amount to test leading to less bugs. In addition, small and frequent releases are conducive to accepting changing requirements, whenever it is necessary. Note that in many companies, a release doesn’t necessarily mean deployment to the customer, but is simply a portion of the final release that is defined, coded, tested and ready to be deployed when the full release plan is fulfilled.

The Agile approach embodies the best practices in software development that have worked for over a decade in large and small companies alike. It does not give incremental benefits within traditional improvement methods but results in breakthrough benefits in requirements elicitation and management, code quality and release management.

VRDS offers various courses in Agile development methodologies, especially Scrum. Each class provides a way to build skills using in-class, hands=on labs and simulations. Students learn through case studies and group projects, including current challenges from their workplaces, and should be able to apply concepts they have learned immediately upon completion.

Our Agile Software Development courses are as follow. Click any title to read the full description:

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