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What Makes Us Unique

What Makes Us Unique?

VRDS is about your company and your goals. It’s that simple…and we are that different. It’s generally easy to partner with the Six Sigma consultants or firms that are most comfortable telling you about what they have to offer you. But what about what you need? Isn’t that more important?


We are so confident in our approach to training and professional services that we welcome a side-by-side comparison of VRDS to our competitors. Our commitment to companies that recognize they MUST change in order to be successful is a full understanding of the most critical components you must consider in choosing the most appropriate partner for your business.


Our Competitors

Lead With Lean


START with Lean and FOLLOW with Six Sigma – where and when appropriate. But Lean might be all that is necessary!


Lead With the Money Maker


Start with Six Sigma and skip the low-hanging fruit. Six Sigma is the heavy-hitter and often not the way to start your process improvement journey.


Launch, Explore, Summarize Methodology


Launch an idea or tool within an interactive learning environment, providing the minimum effective, practical knowledge required to understand the method and begin using it to diagnose and solve problems.


Identify, troubleshoot and experiment with real-life examples from your own department or company. Receive feedback in real-time – there are no wrong answers!


Role playing in a dynamic free-flowing environment for maximum skills development Experiment and receive real-time, practical feedback in a think tank, lab environment.


Summarize findings and monitor skills development.


No Real Training Methodology


Present a lot of theoretical information via PowerPoint presentations, videos and/or on-line training mechanisms with limited student interaction and real-life practical problem solving exercises.


Give MBA-style case studies that students must independently interpret, understand and apply to challenges within their own company.


Few activities to get students interacting and taking ownership of the exercises. Activities are more illustrative of topics but not useful in building skills.


Doesn’t happen.

Progressive In-Class Labs


Labs initially conducted in small groups, which continuously decrease in size until students are comfortable designing, conducting, interpreting, and presenting their own results and findings.


Random In-Class Activities


Activities are random. Some are in groups and others are individual. No strategy to connect the activities to each other or the students.


Lots of 1-to-1 Attention


Depending on the student’s preferred learning style, learning environments include in-class walkabouts, mentoring sessions, personalized labs and continued coaching and support post format training sessions.


Little To No 1-to-1 Attention


Training tends to be more impersonal so more and more students can be “trained” at the same time. Instructor involvement is limited as the sessions are set up to serve the needs of many students vs. the needs of the individual


Skills-Based Training


“Education” is primarily about obtaining knowledge but “training” is about developing skills,. Obviously, knowledge is a prerequisite to training but our courses move students from education to skills-based training as quickly as possible through experiential, interactive learning.


Lecture-Based Training


Impart a lot of information on the students in a lecture-type format and evaluate using traditional testing methods (e.g., multiple choice exams). Ability to apply learned knowledge in a practical, real-life setting is not evaluated. Students are left to apply knowledge in real-life situations as best as possible with no coaching or mentoring along the way.


Unique Content


We provide content that is not found in traditional training. Our decision trees and job aides are a passion with us and accelerate your skills development.


Commoditized Content


Course subject matter is the same, no matter who provides the training. Nothing more than you would find in most books. There is little emphasis on client intimacy or customization.


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