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Consulting Services

At VRDS, we practice what we teach. That’s why our professional services offering makes up such a significant portion of our full range of services. Whether you are looking to deploy the Lean Enterprise, Lean Six Sigma, Agile Software Development, Data Analysis or any combination thereof, VRDS offers multiple ways to work with you in-person and on-site to achieve the results needed to achieve breakthrough efficiencies and improvements within your environment.


We offer consulting at many levels, including:

Readiness Assessments

It is often the case that firms know they need help in gaining efficiencies, solving problems, improving processes and brining products out to market faster and with higher quality. However, many times firms rush into adopting a methodology before they are ready.


VRDS offers the knowledge and experience to assess your organization from top to bottom to understand its operational, cultural and project readiness for improvement. Through our assessment process, we will work side-by-side with you to determine strategic gaps, choose the right improvement strategies and methodologies and construct a roadmap for deployment of those strategies.


Whether it is a full scale deployment or small-scale departmental improvements, VRDS can help you plan the way to do it quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us for more information.


VRDS has worked within organizations worldwide to plan and tactically deploy the right improvement strategies. Whether you for looking for the global organization or the local business unit, we can help pan and execute every facet of your deployment execution, including creating and executing:


  • Strategy and goals
  • Timeframe and project plan for deployment
  • Training roadmap
  • Project roadmap, including:
    • Project selection criteria
    • Project pipelines (project generation filter and prioritization process)
    • Project closure process and criteria
    • VRDS-led projects
    • Internally-led, VRDS-mentored projects
    • Internally-led, internally-mentored projects
  • Organizational development & change
  • Communication Plan
  • Rewards and recognition plan
  • Deployment infrastructure roadmap, Including
    • IT
    • HR & Facilities
    • Finance
  • Deployment reporting and tracking
  • Integrating into normal management
  • Budgeting


With decades of experience in a multitude of industries, VRDS has all the expertise to create, customize and execute the deployment roadmap that is specific to your organization’s needs. Contact us for more information.


Although the right training and deployment roadmap help is vital for a company’s success with deploying improvement strategies, the most important aspect of an organization and its employees is the mentorship that they will receive from seasoned experts who have seen many of the problems they are and will be facing.


Together with our deployment and process mentors, organizations can overcome challenges and obstacles faced while they are learning new methodologies, concepts & tools, implementing & completing projects and changing the organization to make improvement and efficiency a way of life.


Our mentors are experts in their respective fields, with experience in a multitude of industries and can work with any effort, from the smallest project to the largest deployments. Contact us for more information.

Project Execution

Although we recommend organizations to train their own employees who will work with our mentorship to improve their own processes, there are occasions where our expertise is needed to directly lead small and/or large projects. Whether this may be due to lack of internal resources, the lack of internal knowledge to tackle deep-rooted problems or simply a desire to see ROI on projects before committing to a deployment, VRDS can help with execute and complete projects of every scale and complexity. Contact us for more information.

With over 29 years of industry experience, our staff possesses the expertise and business savvy to help you overcome your most difficult obstacles and achieve your most significant goals.
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