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Course Length: 2 Days
Prerequisites: None


Course Description

This the Lean Six Sigma Champion course defines how to select and define appropriate Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects. After completing this course, participants understand the DMAIC methodology and the extent of their personal involvement and the organizational resources required. Participants are taught how to help their teams through each phase of the project, what questions to ask, how to conduct tollgate reviews, and how to overcome typical roadblocks those teams might face, both inside and outside the organization.


This course is taught by highly knowledgeable instructors with years of experience leading Six Sigma projects in multiple and varied industries. The participant enjoys the benefits of an open classroom environment, including open discussions and breakout sessions. Case studies and in-class exercises allow the participant to combine and use the tools and skills learned during the course.


Topics covered in class are relevant to all levels of experience. Our instructors simplify complex topics and present them clearly and concisely. Case studies and in-class labs allow the participant to combine and utilize concepts learned during the course.


Our Unique Approach to Six Sigma Training & Certification


Learning Six Sigma doesn’t have to be a burden. Some suggest “to learn” is our most basic human need. We strive to develop courses so you have fun learning: flinging, spinning, and conducting acts of physical and mental creativity. Read on >>



Course Goals

Understand the philosophies, principles and tools of Lean and Six Sigma.
Generate, evaluate, select and prioritize a list of Six Sigma Project candidates.
Determine the proper scope of the Six Sigma Project.
Justify the Six Sigma Project.
Draft a project charter.
Perform in-depth tollgate reviews for each of the DMAIC phases.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate stating that he/she is a certified Six Sigma Champion.


There is no examination that needs to be completed for the Lean Six Sigma Champion certification.


Instead, certification is achieved through classroom training, in-class discussions and group exercises.

Who should take the Six Sigma Champion Training and Certification Course?



This course is ideal for any executive, director or manager of an organization who desires to or is required to know how to sponsor a Lean Six Sigma DMAIC project without spending the time, effort and expense necessary for a Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certification.

Customized Courses


VRDS will customize any on-site course(s) to suit the unique business requirements of our clients. From the modification of standard curriculum to new course development, we will provide the education and training your organization needs to be more productive in today’s competitive environment.

Schedule and Location


This Six Sigma Certification course is taught on-demand at your facilities. If you do not have facilities that are suitable, VRDS can arrange facilities with the necessary equipment in the most convenient location for your participants. Contact us for more information about this course.

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