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Course Length: 3 Days
Prerequisites: None


Course Description

Participants in this fun and experiential Lean IT course learn the skills necessary to apply Lean problem solving and process efficiency concepts in the IT environment. The class starts with participants walking into a room that is set up as cubicles and offices within the IT department of a fictitious company. Each participant is assigned a job function and is an integral part of a muti-departmental IT process full of the time-consuming waste and other problems common to most IT-environments. As usual, customers want the job done within an impossible time frame. Throughout the course, participants apply their own ideas based on class content to improve the process and office environment resulting in breakthrough transformations. In addition, IT-relevant examples are presented and discussed throughout the course.


    Each day includes several content delivery methods to practice new Lean concepts and methods in a safe environment, including:
  • Exercises reinforcing methods and skills
  • An extensive 3-day multi-part simulation
  • Diagnostic sheets and exercises to be applied to your work space.


At the conclusion of this course, participants will have gained hands-on experience in solving problems and drastically reducing process inefficiencies common to most IT environments and will be able to apply the skills in their own workplace immediately..


Topics covered in class are relevant to all levels of experience. Our instructors simplify complex topics and present them clearly and concisely. Case studies and in-class exercises allow the participant to combine and utilize concepts learned during the course.


Our Unique Approach to Six Sigma Training


Learning Lean doesn’t have to be a burden. Some suggest “to learn” is our most basic human need. We strive to develop courses so you have fun learning: flinging, spinning, and conducting acts of physical and mental creativity. Read on >>



Course Goals

Learn how to identify, map and analyze value streams.
Learn the Lean definition of value in the office.
Intimately understand the 35 wastes in the office.
Learn about using 5S within the office.
Understand how to enable continuous flow in the office.
Learn about employee work leveling and work balancing.
Understand concepts of workplace organization in the office.
Explore office and organizational structure.
Use Lean metrics to monitor office performance.
Learn about visual management in the office.
Learn how to employ standard work and mistake proofing.
Discuss how to think about change within the office.

Who should take the Lean IT course?




This course is ideal for any employee of an organization who desires to or is required to know about how the Lean philosophy, principles and tools within the IT environment.

Customized Courses


VRDS will customize any on-site course(s) to suit the unique business requirements of our clients. From the modification of standard curriculum to new course development, we will provide the education and training your organization needs to be more productive in today’s competitive environment.

Schedule and Location


This Six Sigma Certification course is taught on-demand at your facilities. If you do not have facilities that are suitable, VRDS can arrange facilities with the necessary equipment in the most convenient location for your participants. Contact us for more information about this course.

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