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Data Analysis

VRDS offers various courses in beginner and advanced data analysis. Each class provides an in-depth look at a particular topic or set of topics related to data analysis, data modeling, and statistics. Students learn through case studies and group projects, including current challenges from their workplaces, and should be able to apply concepts they have learned to their respective professions upon completion.

The introduction courses are designed for professionals at any level, including managers, sales and marketing personnel, financial analysts, software developers, scientists, etc. The advanced courses are geared toward technical individuals that use these in-depth statistical concepts in their profession as tools to accomplish their goals, but such classes can also be taken by any professional with the required pre-requisite or equivalent knowledge. This is because the instructors teach each course in an easy-to-follow method that makes it as fun as it is challenging.

Our Lean Six Sigma courses are as follow. Click any title to read the full description:

Our Unique Approach to Training


Learning doesn’t have to be a burden. Some suggest “to learn” is our most basic human need. We strive to develop courses so you have fun learning: flinging, spinning, and conducting acts of physical and mental creativity.


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