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Our Lean Enterprise courses are created for any professional who desires to or is required to learn how to gain breakthrough efficiencies that will cut costs, reduce wastes, save time, increase throughput and level work within any organization.

VRDS proudly offers our Lean Six Sigma courses to any individual who would like to be certified as a Six Sigma professional, including Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Champion, among many others.

As the leading provider of Data Analytics courses, we offer the largest, most comprehensive and most practical set of analytics classes. From novice to expert, each class teaches how to practically set up, analyze and draw practical conclusions from their data.

From Scrum to XP to Kanban, our experts can teach you how to develop and operationalize the Lean software development life-cycle (Lean SDLC) that right for you.

At VRDS, we practice what we teach. That’s why our professional services offering makes up such a significant portion of our full range of services. From coaching or an entire Lean Enterprise deployment, we can help.

VRDS offers the knowledge and experience to assess your organization from top to bottom to understand its organizational, operational and cultural current state to create a targeted local or global improvement effort.

``This was the best, most useful training class that I have participated in during my years at this organization. I will be take these fundamentals and process analysis strategies and apply them to my job on a day-to-day basis.``
  • Bottleneckin it Down

    A relay race is won and lost by the slowest runner! Bottlenecks are like the slowest runner.

  • Learning to See Office Waste

    Lean is the constant pursuit of identifying and eliminating waste and there are many different tools that Lean practitioners use to accomplish this goal, but they all align with the one guiding principle of identifying and eliminating waste. We will discuss many types of waste in upcoming posts, but we should lay some ground rules and agree on some basic principles before going too deep.

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