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This page contains a list of the most common questions we receive. If you do not find your question here, please ask us



Q. What should I do if I cannot find the course that I'm looking for?

If you do not see your desired course or curricula, we can develop custom courses (within our areas of expertise) to suit your unique business needs. Go to our Customized Courses page to learn more.

Q. Do you offer any other types of training besides the areas you specialize in?

Our mission is to provide the highest level of services to our students. For training outside of our expertise, we partner with other industry-leading training companies who teach various different courses, including IT topics, programming (C++, .NET, Java), network security and more. ,Contact us to find out if we can help you reach your goals with one of our partners.

Q. What is a typical day's class schedule?

Most VRDS classes start at 8:30 AM and end between 5:30 and 6:00 PM. Classrooms are usually opened at 8:00 AM. The class breaks for lunch for 45 minutes to 1 hour somewhere between 12:00 and 12:30, depending on the progress of the class. The instructor usually will stay a half-hour after class to answer the students' questions, if necessary. All students will be notified of any variations from this schedule in advance of the class.

Q. How will I know when VRDS introduces new courses?

You can receive notifications of all our new courses and curricula by subscribing to our free newsletter.

Q. Will I get any materials ahead of time?

No. You will receive all your course materials at the beginning of the class.

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me to the class?

What you bring will depend on the course and who's facilities we are using. Most of the time, everything you need will be provided. If there is something that you need to bring, we will inform you well ahead of the class. However, it is always important to bring a smile and a willingness to learn.

Q. Are meals provided?

If the course is held at the customer's site, it is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for meals. Most customer sites usually have a cafeteria so this is not an issue. If the course is held at our site, lunch will be provided along with tea and coffee in the morning, as well as in the afternoon.

Q. How technical are the courses?

Courses that are marked "non-technical" are open to anyone and will get only as technical as is required. However, our instructors will always present the material in an easy-to-understand way. Courses marked "technical" are for people with a scientific background due to the mathematical concepts that are taught. Although we do not restrict enrollment to anyone, it is important to know your own abilities before enrolling in a course. To know if a particular course is right for you, contact us.


Q. How do I pay for the courses?

Currently, VRDS will send your organization an invoice after training is complete. In the future, we will accept credit cards for payment.

Q. I don't see any schedules for courses. Why?

Currently VRDS does not hold classes for individual enrollment but works with corporate groups on their schedule and location only.

Q. How can I register for courses?

Since we are presently working directly with businesses, we require a minimum number of company employees to enroll. Course minimums depend on the curricula. Contact us to discuss how we can help fill your needs.

Q. Can you train at my site or do you host classes at your facility?

In most cases, the customer prefers that we come to their site. However, in cases where students do not have appropriate training facilities, we can provide a site in a suitable location.


Q. What is VRDS' cancellation policy?

Students may cancel up to thirty (30) calendar days before the start of the class for a full refund.

Q. Can I transfer my registration to another individual if I cannot attend?

Yes, in most cases registrations can be transferred, as long as it is done before the class has begun. VRDS does, however, reserve the right to refuse transfers. A full explanation of the reason for refusal will be provided. Keep in mind that these exceptions are rare.

Q. Are you serious about your pre-requisites?

Yes. Many topics can get technical so it is important to be sure that you know the prerequisite material or you may become lost during class. If you feel that you already know the prerequisite material, contact us and we will be glad to discuss it with you.

Q. What is your dress code?

No shoes, no shirt, no service! Other than that, you are on your own to wear whatever you feel comfortable learning in.


Q. Do you provide your own certifications?

Yes, we provide training and certifications for Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Sponsor, Lean Office, Lean Master, ScrumMaster, Agile Product Owner and other classes.

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