Organizational Development Change
Organizational Development Change Organizational Development Change
Organizational Development Change
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  Organizational Development Change

Course Length: 5 Days

Course Goal
Upon completion of this course, the participant has learned about:

  • Systems thinking
  • The Open Systems theory and model
  • Organizational Measurement
  • Controlling resources
  • Environmental sectors gap analysis
  • Technology process and systems of thinking
  • Structural analyses and strategies, including integration vs. differentiation
  • Change models
  • Organizational control
  • Analyzing culture
  • Power and decision-making
  • Social and Interdepartmental conflicts
  • Analyzing job descriptions
  • Analyzing Stakeholders
  • The generic strategic planning model
Organizational Development Change
Organizational Development Change
Organizational Development Change
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Course Description
Organizational Theory is an integrated set of practical methods used to diagnose and improve organizations. This course enables practitioners to conduct meaningful interventions and employ effective structural change within work groups and organizations. Several methods are employed in the following content areas: strategy, culture, structure, decision making, power, process, social, environment, technology, size.

This course uses a skill-based approach represented by launch, explore, and summarize. “Launch” includes the traditional review of material to settle on operational definitions. Relevant history is visited and the foundation is laid to understand and use the exercise or mental model. In the “explore” phase the exercise, diagnostic tool, gap analysis, or mental model is introduced. The participant, either individually or in small groups, uses the concept under direction. In the “summarize” phase the participants reconvene to share analysis, clarifications, and results. The cycle is repeated with outside assignments that reinforce the mental models and illustrate mastery of the material. Work is written, evaluated, and discussed. 

Our Unique Approach to Lean Training
Learning Lean doesn’t have to be a burden. Some suggest “to learn” is our most basic human need. We strive to develop courses so you have fun learning: flinging, spinning, and conducting acts of physical and mental creativity. 

Please read further about our unique approach to training.

Who Should Take the Organizational Development & Change Course
This course is ideal for any senior executive, especially those in HR, manager or employee of an organization who desires to or is required to know about how to understand and change organizational systems and the people within them.

Prerequisites For the Lean Organizational Development & Change Course

Schedule and Location
This course is available on-demand at your facilities. If you do not have facilities that are suitable, VRDS can arrange facilities with the necessary equipment in the most convenient location for your participants. Contact us for more information about our training.

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Organizational Development Change
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